95 Arrests Made in Europe Against Online Fraudsters

95 arrests have been made across Europe against online fraudsters.

This follows a joint law enforcement operation between 4 and 15 June 2018. The suspects arrested are believed to be responsible for more than 20,000 fraudulent transactions using compromised credit cards. These transactions are thought to total an estimated €8 million (£7 million).

The operation was coordinated by Europol – who worked closely with law enforcement, the banking industry and retailers across 28 countries.

Operations in the UK were headed up by officers from the Dedicated Card and Payment Crime Unit (DCPCU). The DCPCU is a special police unit, comprising of officers from the City of London and Metropolitan Police forces.

Nine search warrants were executed across the UK, as well as the gathering of valuable intelligence. Several devices suspected of being used to commit remote fraud purchases were seized. Ongoing investigations are underway – expected to result in further arrests and changes.

Of the operation, T/DCI Glyn Whittick, Head of the DCPCU said:

“The success of these operations shows how through close cooperation with our European partners, retailers and the financial sector, we are cracking down on the criminal gangs targeting consumers online.”

“Ongoing investigations are now underway and we will continue to work together to bring those committing remote purchase fraud to justice.”

To help raise awareness around online fraud, Europol have a social media campaign under the hashtag #BuySafePaySafe.


The campaign fits with Financial Fraud Action UK’s Take Five to Stop Fraud – which provides consumers with advice and tips on how to stay safe.


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Source: https://www.financialfraudaction.org.uk/news/2018/06/19/95-arrests-made-in-europe-wide-crackdown-against-online-fraudsters/

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