Comsec Launches Verify: Refund Claims Fraud Prevention Software

Comsec have developed an ‘award winning’ intelligence infrastructure targeting online groups/forums sharing and performing various types of refund fraud.

We are currently supporting several online retail brands with organized fraud returns in Europe and our investigation has identified retailers in your industry as being targeted by individuals looking to complete fraudulent returns on a large and repeating scale.

We identify Bad Actors through Multi-Channel Data Analysis, (Watchdog), triage incidents and fraud claims, initiate enforcement action and mitigate future risk.

Watchdog: Online monitoring of eCommerce platforms and Social Media to cross reference bad actors for reselling activity.

If Refund fraud  is an area of your business that you want to gain control over, please do not hesitate to contact Paul Tuck  or call 07880 200 948 to discuss a solution. 

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