Watchdog : Object detection

By using complex machine learning techniques, we are able to train a computer model to detect an object (logo) or text – completely bespoke to the client. This allows for the automation of detecting the client’s brands logos or relevant text on images, as well as on product, right down to identifying serial numbers on products/labels and storing this information in Watchdog.

Comsec works with leading data scientists to train a bespoke computer model to identify an object (logo) of interest or text within an image. We provide an initial set-up service, which takes place in two stages: collating 250-500 example images for each object (logo), followed by an approximate six-week process of training a computer model to detect the logos clients brands against items brought into Watchdog.

Watchdog has the ability to search, filter and analyse this data in a secure environment, turning information from eCommerce sites, websites and social media platforms into actionable intelligence to protect the client business.

Watchdog searches key sites of interest to clients to identify sales of products containing their brand name. Any images associated with these items are harvested in the database. Using a bespoke object detection model, clients can filter and surface images of interest.

Once the model has been completed and integrated into the Watchdog service, results can be filtered by:
● Confidence rating that the results identified match the logo (object) of interest
● Object/Text identified
● Matches found by specific search terms
● Images containing text matching a specified pattern

If Brand Protection is an area of your business that you want to gain control over, please do not hesitate to contact Paul Tuck  or call 07880 200 948 to discuss a solution.   

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