Are you protecting your staff from Online abuse?

Online abuse is personally traumatic, cowardly and, all too often, anonymously carried out with little repercussions for the perpetrator or support for the victim. It can also greatly damage brand reputation and is increasingly an issue for social media platforms, government and businesses.

Watchdog, Comsec’s proprietary automated software, provides a well-tested, robust and agile detection system that is accepted by all major platform suppliers. Our software identifies abusive and discriminatory posts, takes steps to reveal the user’s identity and initiates the ‘take-down’ process on behalf of the client.
To find out more about how Comsec can help combat online abuse get please in touch. 

Pro-active online monitoring programme 

Pre-agreed search terms relevant to you  

Abusive emoji detection

Removal process

Comprehensive reporting tool

24/7/365 Reporting contact

Investigation services

Proof of Concept available on request

Monthly subscription or one off investigation available 

Online monitoring during any live event

Evidential package for law enforcement and liaison services

If protecting your staff from on-line abuse is an area of your business that you want to gain control over, please do not hesitate to contact Paul Tuck  or call 07880 200 948 to discuss a solution.   

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