Watchdog – PowerBI

Exciting news! In the summer of 2022, we started a project to integrate Power BI into Watchdog. Power BI is the gold standard for business intelligence and it was the natural choice for integration with Watchdog – the gold standard for asset protection!

Power BI is easily able to ingest the “big data”, which Watchdog generates and offers infinite flexibility in report generation. Partnering with experts in their field, On Data, we are delighted to announce the successful completion of the project, Power BI is now fully integrated into Watchdog.

What does this mean for Watchdog customers? Taking a data feed from Watchdog, Power BI surfaces reports together with visualizations which bring colour and life to your data. A comprehensive selection of reports are available to customers and we are able to develop custom reports on request.

Power BI is embedded into Watchdog, customers receive the full benefit of the application without stepping outside of the Watchdog platform. Customers who have Power BI integrated into their business will be able to view Watchdog reports via their own Power BI portal.

What’s next…. new feature development, data enrichment and operational refinement of Watchdog is relentless and the Power BI integration will keep pace with this. Since the inception of Watchdog, its evolution has always been customer led, the decision to integrate Power BI was driven by our customer base, so what’s next could be your call!

If Power BI is something your business is interested in utilising, please do not hesitate to contact Paul Tuck  or call 07880 200 948 to discuss a solution.